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Well-Behaved Women Often Make History – Guest Post by Deborah Hining

September 29, 2016

Summer Kinard

From time to time, I ask another writing mother to join my blog with a guest post. Today I welcome my friend Deborah Hining, award-winning author of A Sinner in Paradise andA Saint in Graceland, to tell her truth about an insidious lie we see almost every time we drive.


"Well-Behaved Women Often Make History" Don’t believe everything you read on a bumper sticker. Deborah Hining talks about what it takes to be memorable.

Usually I take bumper stickers in the spirit they were intended, especially those that are sassy or exceptionally geeky, but occasionally one that probably is intended to be funny will rub me the wrong way. The one that is currently on my “It disturbs me to see” list reads, “Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History.”

I find it irksome because, for one, it is not true.

Think hard. How many badly behaved women can you think of who have…

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One Comment
  1. Wanda Lunsford permalink

    Deborah, I can think of one great one you left out and that was the prime minister of England. Her name was Margaret Thatcher. A great leader!


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