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Men Talking About Sensitive Stuff

August 25, 2013

MMen are funny in that they don’t really talk about important things. Like their feelings. Sometimes, when men are being creative, they try to talk about it, but it just doesn’t fly. Consider this conversation I had with Mike last night:

Mike: I had a great idea about a new kind of greeting card.

Me: Really?

Mike: (long pause) Yeah, but you probably wouldn’t like it. It’s kind of sad.

Me: (starting to giggle) Is that right?

Mike: I can see some men wanting to send it to their wives for an anniversary or something. (long pause) But you probably wouldn’t like it cause it’s kinda sad.

Me: (snorting with laughter) Well, what’s sad about it?

Mike: I’ll tell you if you stop laughing (starts to laugh)

Me: (laughing) Okay

Mike (long pause) Okay, (laughing) but you have to stop laughing. It’s sad.

Me (laughing harder) Okay. (long pause in which I stop laughing). You can tell me now. I’m not laughing.

Mike: Now I forgot it.


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